Cathodic Protection Services

External Cathodic Protection of all new/existing structures, storage tanks, buried piping, cross-country pipeline, well casing, ship hull, jetty, piles etc. in the following steps……………..

Detailed Design & Engineering Documentation

On receipt of Purchase Order, we shall prepare and submit detailed engineering package for CP System including preparation of:

  • Design Data collection
  • Technical Specifications for CP Material
  • Quality Assurance & Control Plan
  • Inspection & Testing Plan
  • Design Engineering & Calculations
  • Bill of Materials
  • Installation Drawings
  • Installation Procedures & Execution methodology
  • As Built Drawings.
  • Testing & Commissioning Procedures
  • Final Commissioning with report.
Rehabilitation of Existing CP System

All the design documents and drawings shall be vetted by NACE Certified CP Specialist.

Site Survey, Investigation, Design & Engineering:  will be prepared by experienced NACE Certified CP Specialist (NACE CP Level 4).

Installation & Supervision: Qualified NACE certified CP Engineer will be assigned to the project for installation, supervision and inspection work. These engineers shall be working under direct supervision of NACE Certified CP Specialist.

Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning: NACE Level 4 Specialist will perform pre-commissioning and commissioning work.

Final Report: Final commissioning report will be prepared and submitted with as-built drawings. The reports will be prepared under direct supervision of NACE Certified CP Specialist.

Final QA Check: All the technical documents and reports will be reviewed and signed by a NACE certified Corrosion/CP Specialist.

Other Services we provide………..

  • Rehabilitation of Existing CP System
  • Existing CP System Survey & Investigation
  • CP System Health Check-up (CP System Audit)
  • CIPS and DCVG Survey
  • AC/DC Mitigation
  • Interference Survey and Mitigation
  • Soil Resistivity Survey and Analysis
  • Failure Investigation
cathodic_protection2Combine CIPS & DCVG Survey

Internal Cathodic Protection: Storage Tanks-water, crude oil or other corrosive liquids, Vessels, Pipeline Internal Surfaces, Ballast Tank etc.