CP System Power Supply

HCT Supplies Cathodic Protection Transformer Rectifier unit (TRUs) comprise of Automatic, Manual & CVCC controlled. Cathodic Protection rectifiers are used for cathodic protection of plant facilities, buried pipelines,  cross-country pipelines , storage tanks at terminals and other buried/submerged structures

CP transformer-rectifier units are used to prevent submerged (Soil or water) metallic structures from corrosion. All submerged Pipelines (Oil, water etc.), concrete structure of bridges/ buildings / sea ports etc can be protected from corrosion by doing CP.

Natural-Air Cooled Rectifier

TRUs impress DC Currents in to the Carbon-steel/steel structure to be protected in opposite direction to the galvanic corrosion currents & protects the structure from corrosion.

To obtain the optimum level of protection under varying conditions, it is necessary to vary the impressed current continuously so as to maintain a constant level of protective potential at the structure. This continuous monitoring and control can be achieved by providing an automatic control for the cathodic protection system.

Oil Cooled Rectifier


Auto Reference Mode

The operation of the TRUs in this mode will be fully Automatic and will be controlled by reference electrode feedback .The unit will automatically maintain reference voltage or P.S.P. of the set value under all conditions.

Manual Mode

The DC output voltage of TRU will be controlled in multiple symmetrical steps by means of a separate Auto/manual transformer with Coarse & Fine tapping.


The unit will be operated in Constant Voltage or Constant Current mode. In constant voltage mode the DC output voltage will be settable from 0 to rated value in stepless manner by means of voltage adjustable pot.

Other Types of CP System Power Supplies